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CMCH to offer four more super-specialty courses

Coimbatore: With the Medical Council of India (MCI) awarding 13 super-specialty seats across 4 specializations, the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) is getting ready to admit students from the following academic yr.

CMCH won permission from MCI to offer super-specialty lessons in neurology, cardiology, clinical gastroenterology and surgical oncology on Saturday night. While 4 seats have been sanctioned for neurology, cardiology and clinical gastroenterology every, surgical oncology has been allocated one seat.

CMCH dean B Ashokan welcomed the sanctioning of the seats, mentioning that it could lend a hand them be offering extra advanced remedy and treat extra sufferers. “For the first 3 specialisations, if we take 4 students yearly, we will be able to have 12 students in the ones 3 departments. While many of the heads and professors depart by means of night, these super-specialty students, who have finished post-graduation in the above fields and are on par with many assistant professors, can be to be had 24/7 on shifts and we will be able to treat any emergency in the ones fields right away. For instance, if a patient comes with vomiting of blood because of hemorrhaging or cirrhosis, the brand new doctors will right away carry out an endoscopy and control the location. The clinic already plays 20 endoscopies an afternoon and colonoscopies twice a week. This can be greater if required,” he stated.

CMCH already offers seven super-specialty coursesincluding 3 paediatric, two neurosurgery and two plastic surgery.

The clinic had applied for the seats in December. A group from MCI inspected the college on February 14.

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