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Chennai: First circular suburban service from today

CHENNAI: Southern Railway headquarters on Monday in any case greenlighted the agenda for working the first round suburban educate service in Chennai department. The service will start on Tuesday.

Internal conversation accessed through NewsTread displays that the services and products that will likely be run will likely be a Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) and a typical Electric Multiple Unit (EMU).

As reported through NewsTread last week, both will likely be run as special services and products.

This has turn into imaginable after Southern Railway constructed a detour line between Takkolam and Arakkonam with the mainline.

This electrified 5km line was necessitated as the common line between Takkolam and Arakkonam was not electrified due to objection from Defence ministry over the presence of INS Rajali within sight. The Defence ministry gave ?60 crore for construction of the detour line.

The MEMU rake will depart Chennai Beach at 10.30am, achieve Arakkonam at 12.30pm and forestall for 5 mins.

It will then stop at Tirumalpur at 1.15pm, achieve Kancheepuram at 1.30pm and Chengalpet at 2.15pm. It will stop there for 5 mins. It will achieve Tambaram at 3.15pm after which achieve Chennai Beach at 4.10pm. The present educate quantity BA1/ BA2 passenger special working between Chennai Beach-Arakkonam-Chennai Beach via Tiruvallur will likely be cancelled. The second round educate will get started from Chennai Beach at 9.50am, achieve Tambaram at 10.45am, Chengalpet at 11.35am and forestall for 5 mins. It will then proceed to Kancheepuram at 12.25pm, Tirumalpur at 1pm where it will stop for 20 mins after which Arakkonam at 2pm. It will stop there for 5 mins. After that, it will achieve Chennai Beach at 4.15pm.

After this service is introduced, the present educate quantity 66041/66042 Chennai Beach-Tirumalpur-Chennai Beach service will likely be cancelled.

Earlier, commuters between Arakkonam and Chengalpet would have to take a circuitous path to traverse this distance or rely on costly bus or proportion auto services and products. This direct educate could be a boon to areas situated in Kancheepuram and Vellore districts.

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