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Cars parked on road block Panchkula fire tender

PANCHKULA: The cars parked outside houses at the slender inside roads of Sector 15 averted a fireplace truck from getting via to a burning electricity meter on Sunday evening. Residents needed to douse the flames on their own.

Citizen welfare association president S Okay Nayar stated: "The multiple electricity meters fixed on a streetlight pole outside house number 423 in Sector 15 had caught fire. Local people rang up the fire station for help but the fire engine sent on its way could not reach the spot because the vehicles parked haphazardly on either side of the road had blocked its passage."

The firefighters reached the spot on foot however, by then, people had controlled the blaze already. "I dread to image what would have happened in case of the fire was a little bigger," Nayar stated, claiming that residents of that particular street had been responsible for narrowing the trail of the fire delicate and "they would have been responsible for any major damage".

The CWA asked the native management to intervene to do so towards the people who had parked their cars in the course of the road as an alternative of to a protected facet. It wasn't the MC to drill some civic sense into people and educate them about protected parking.

The over the top selection of electricity meters put in on unmarried electricity poles in more than a few sectors of Panchkula is a large fireplace danger and now a supply of concern some of the residents. The citizen welfare association has a list of poles with free wires and disproportionate selection of meters. It has forwarded the listing to Haryana Electricity Regulatory Committee (HERC).

One of the electricity poles in Sector 15 has as many as 17 meters fitted on it. High-voltage electricity transmission wires grasp over those open containers. Residents of the road stated they feared for the safety in their youngsters when they had been taking part in outside. Many youngsters can succeed in the wires. The exposed cables can fall at the road or the partitions of the nearby houses.

Businessman Davinder Jindal, who lives in Sector 6, stated: "I can reach the low electricity wires in front of my house. Those cables are just two feet above my car's roof. It is risky sending children out to play. There's always a fear of electrocution."

Surender Singh of Sector 4 stated: "Despite the complaints we made to Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN), the officials concerned failed to address our problem. The issue needs to be resolved quickly to save those living nearby that pole from any serious threat." CWA president Nayar stated the apply of overloading poles with electricity meters was once reported to the state-level advisory committee in its meeting on December 20, 2018. Someone at the particular advisory committee of Haryana Electricity Regulatory Committee led by Jagjit Singh pointed it out.

Nayar stated: "The poles have a serious load of boxes. The solutions is simple-to take off a few boxes-but the officials concerned are not ready to take any action on complaints lodged by the general public and think of their safety. They should take civic issues seriously. Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) and residents should beat the cost of damage to the burnt, defective meters installed on poles."

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