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Call to inculcate habit of reading among youngsters

Nagpur: Linguists on Tuesday bemoaned the loss of reading dependancy among folks as books are like a window from where one could have access to wisdom of the arena which stays etched on mind ceaselessly. It is the duty of folks to advertise reading, particularly among children, for a better long run, they stated.
Speaking at a programme organized through Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Sitabuldi, to mark World Book Day, the scholars highlighted the importance of reading as it helps develop persona and boosts self-confidence.

The programme started with Shrikant Godbole garlanding a portrait of Goddess Saraswati.

In his deal with, Kamlakar Deshpande stated the dependancy of reading books is on the decline with every passing day, particularly among kids who're hooked to television and cellphones. The social media does give a large number of knowledge, however now not the information the books give. “We adorn our existence, however why don’t we beatify our minds? This can be done most effective thru reading,” he added.

Shivani Balkundi emphasised the position books play in shaping existence and cited the instance of her kids who've now started spending substantial time on reading. Reading laborious copies give extra joy than browsing online, she stated.

In his thought-provoking speech, Godbole stated reading enriches existence as every e book has a tale to inform. While some books are informative in nature, many others give an insight into existence’s trials and tribulations. Reading books rich in content must be the concern of every individual, particularly the younger ones, so that minds are ignited to do something useful to the society, he added.

The different speakers included Vrushali Deshpande, Suruchi Dabir, Anjali Bhandarkar, Vinita Hinge and Ramesh Kulkarni.

(Reporting through Abhiti Agarawal)

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