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Born in brothel, this woman is an inspiration

KOLKATA: If she had surrendered to the machine that laws the red-light area, she could have, like every other girl, fallen prey to the trade. But the little girl had other plans. She fought enamel and nail with the unwritten regulations to emerge from the brothels. Her combat didn't stop there. Now a 32-year-old, Tumpa Adhikari’s sustained efforts have made her the voice of the children of sex employees. She has made it more straightforward for the younger lot to say a company ‘no’ to sexual exploitation.

Born in Kalighat’s red-light area, nobody knows better than Adhikari in regards to the vulnerability that stares at kids of sex employees. While many absorb their moms’ profession, she was not the one to observe the beaten tracks. Even as she stored herself out of the profession, Adhikari didn't sever ties with the area. A mom of a toddler, she now teaches kids the importance of attending schools and why they should not absorb a sex worker’s profession.

“Having confronted abuse by means of my mom’s shoppers, I understand how painful the revel in is. That is not something I need other kids to undergo. I need kids from the red-light district to grasp their rights and to learn how to say no,” said Adhikari.

It all started when Adhikari, as a youngster, had dragged her alcoholic father, who had spent the cash saved for her college admission on his beverages, to the local police station for beating up her mom. She was in Class XI then.

“I was all the time taunted at school for being a sex worker’s daughter. The humiliation and the financial crisis had compelled me to drop out of college,” Adhikari reminisced. By this time, a social activists — Paromita Banerjee — had come to work with kids from the redlight area. “Aunty advised us that we should not search for any messiah but be our own saviour. I took her phrases significantly,” she said.

Her adventure began in 2005 when she and 16 others based Disha, an NGO, with Banerjee’s lend a hand. A night shelter for children was set up in the brothel. She started organizing camps of younger ladies to create awareness on abuse. “Forget in regards to the kids, even their moms used to suppose that sexual exploitation of kids was normal. But these days, maximum are aware of their rights and are seeking our lend a hand,” said Adhikari, who has helped many in lodging court cases against the predators. Adhikari has rescued her mom from the profession as well.

Realising that even boys have been inclined, Adhikari has included boys in her scheme of items. She has roped in retired sex employees to keep a vigil on abuse and rights violation of kids. For this, the Kalighat red-light area has been divided into 5 zones and each elderly girl is assigned a zone. Disha now works in the Kidderpore red-light area in addition to Adhikari has been expanding her network and quite a lot of fellowships and lend a hand have started coming her way. “I need to see each girl in brothels going to college and having a respectable livelihood so that they don't take to the inhuman profession,” she said.

“Tumpa-didi is a task model for us. If it wasn’t for her solution to combat back, the arena would have been the same for children of sex employees even these days. Many people now see gentle at the finish of the tunnel,” said Saptami Pal, the daughter of any other sex worker.

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