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Badoota goes off menu; meat sellers feel the heat

MYSURU: Till a couple of years ago, badoota (non-veg food) was part of election rallies, feeding a bonanza to meat-sellers and producers. With strict ban via the Election Commission as part of the style code of habits, politicians have almost discarded the practice of offering badoota. As a consequence, there isn't much call for for meat and infrequently any increase in their prices this election season.

Narayanagowda C, president, Hotel Owner’s Association, Mysuru, who's focused on wholesale meat business, said all the way through the time of elections, the rates of hen and mutton used to go up via up to Rs 100 in step with kilogram. “In the previous elections, we witnessed a huge call for for mutton and hen. The fee was skyrocketing. Badoota was an integral part of any political match. But after 2013, this development modified due to strict motion via the Election Commission. This yr, there is is infrequently any call for for meat from politicians or political parties,” he said.

Narayanagowda attributes the slight increase in mutton prices from Rs 440 to Rs 460 in step with kilogram to summer when the fodder rates increase considerably. “The fee of hen (each with and with out skin) has remained the same,” he said, adding that the costs increase over the weekend due to call for from meat sellers in Bengaluru.

Oflyn Flepcher, owner, CC Enterprises and Scholar Enterprises, Vishshweshwaranagar, said hen rates are hovering between Rs 460 and Rs 480 in step with kilogram. “It was Rs 440 in step with kilogram. There is a rise. It could be due to the pageant season, occasions or the elections. It would possibly come down after summer,” he said.

According to KPCC spokesperson KP Venkatesh, the idea that of badoota is now a thing of the previous. “The Election Commission rules prohibit all such issues. It is a positive construction. Even our activists are sensitized at the factor. So, now we can’t see badoota anywhere,” he said.

BJP employee booked

The Election Commission has filed a case towards a BJP employee for allegedly violating the style code of habits via organizing a lunch all the way through a marketing campaign in Narona village, Kalaburagi district. Officials are investigating the case towards Gurusiddaiaha Chatraiah. The marketing campaign was held within the village on April 9 and masses of BJP employees had been presented lunch there.

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