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70k first-time voters in city list

Kanpur: As many as 69,926 new citizens have been added in the citizens record of town just earlier than the voting to be held in the city on April 29. The names of most effective the ones people have been added in the citizens record who completed the desired formalities.
The district election place of business would free up a supplementary record of recent citizens quickly, after which they are able to forged their votes by appearing the IDs authorized by the election fee in case they do not get their ID cards in time. The city's record now has 34,67,466 citizens who can forged their citizens for Kanpur Nagar seat, said a source.

According to deputy election officer, Kehari Singh, the election fee has given an opportunity to the folk to add their names who may just not work out their names in the citizens record launched in the month of January. "As many as 57,606 new voters filled the forms for enrolment as voters. After scrutiny, the election office cancelled applications of around 836 new voters due to technical reasons", Singh said. As many as 12,320 new citizens have been incorporated in the citizens record thru on-line submission, however utility of 3,243 citizens were cancelled either due to more than one utility or for not filing necessary paperwork reminiscent of age evidence or evidence of place of dwelling, said the deputy election officer.

New citizens can use voter card, Aadhar card, driving license, Pan card, passport and I-cards issued by their place of business on the day of voting to determine their identification, he added.

According to sources, round 213 packages from Sisamau meeting constituency and 103 from Cantonment constituency are below procedure. Moreover, 149 packages from Sisamau, 143 from Cantonment, one from Arya Nagar, six from Maharajpur and one from Govind Nagar constituencies are below verification procedure on the level of booth officials.

Till April 2, round 1,80,803 citizens have been added in the citizens record in the city, the deputy returning officer further said.

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