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26 biz units pay Rs 1.78L penalty for hiring kids

AGRA: Twenty-six trade establishments have recently paid Rs 1.78 lakh as penalty to the district labour department for using children under 14 years.

The court of leader judicial magistrate after hearing instances registered via the labour department, closing month, had found the homeowners of 26 companies to blame below the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986. So, they have been requested to pay consequences. In fact, in 2018, the labour department, all over its special power between June 20 and July five, had rescued around 30 children from those companies.

The penalized establishments involve one of the crucial town’s widely known companies. Those found to blame via the court come with a petroleum pump, a shoe shop, an automobile repairing middle, a garment shop, a clinical store, a furniture and interior decoration middle, a dairy and sweet shop and grocery sellers, amongst others. Out of general 26, four companies have deposited penalty of Rs 20,000 every, two companies Rs five,000 every and the remainder 20 have paid Rs 4,500.

Agra divisional labour commissioner Dharmendra Kumar Singh mentioned, “The instances registered towards the 26 companies known for using kid labour have been offered within the court of the executive judicial magistrate. The department submitted all of the required evidences. Finally, on March 9, all over the national Lok Adalat, the court found all of the 26 companies to blame. And Rs 1.78 lakh has been recovered as consequences from those companies.”

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, prohibits employment of youngsters under 14 years of age. It also bars employment of youngsters under 18 years in hazardous works.

“The labour department is repeatedly running to curb kid labour. Besides the companies, motion will be taken towards folks who ship their children for work. The penalty recovered from the companies will be utilized in welfare of the youngsters,” Singh mentioned.

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