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24X7 cybercafe at Patna University’s library soon

PATNA: Patna University (PU) central library, which is celebrating its centenary this year, is more likely to get a 24X7 cybercafe quickly with at least 30 computers linked with all of the necessary libraries of the arena. Refreshments for the visitors can be to be had.

Making this announcement on the inaugural serve as of a three-day exhibition of uncommon collections of the PU library as a part of its centenary celebrations on Thursday, vice-chancellor (VC) Rash Bihari Prasad stated textbooks price Rs 5 lakh can be bought for the advantage of scholars.

“The technique of digitization of more than 3 lakh books and journals stacked in the library has begun and steps are being initiated for recovery and preservation of uncommon manuscripts,” the VC stated.

Inaugurating the exhibition, adviser to the manager minister and former leader secretary Anjani Kumar Singh announced that a full-fledged route in recovery of treasured manuscripts and published texts would quickly be launched on the Bihar Museum in order that all of the uncommon collections to be had in several libraries might be preserved.

“All the public libraries, together with the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, are finding it difficult to revive the decaying manuscripts in their ownership, owing to the loss of educated manpower,” Singh stated.

The former leader secretary additionally launched ‘PU Connect’, a cell app to provide all information about the library and its possessions, on the instance.

PU library in fee Rabindra Kumar defined the significance of libraries in the socio-economic building of the rustic and gave main points of the more than a few programmes to be arranged all the way through the yearlong centenary celebrations. He pointed out that the three-day exhibition would remain open for all.

Students’ welfare dean N Ok Jha, education faculty dean Khagendra Kumar, syndicate member Sudhakar Prasad Singh, Sanskrit department head Sudha Mishra and library coordinator Ashok Kumar Jha additionally graced the instance.

Rare manuscripts put on display: Manuscripts written on leather-based, ‘Bhojpatra’, palm leaves and Nepali paper as well as silver and copper cash of the 13th century had been displayed on the exhibition. Some uncommon manuscripts in line with Maithili grammar, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and 13th century Bihar and Magadh will also be seen as neatly. Other prized possessions of the library like ‘Saroj Kalika’ and ‘Malti Madhawan’ of 14th century, ‘Tolinama’ and ‘Rishala Sifat Jaruriya’ of 15th century, ‘Jahangir Nama’ and ‘Vrihat Jatak’ of 16th century have additionally been exhibited.

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