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Two of vehicle-lifter gang in cop net

Ludhiana: Salem Tabri police have arrested two individuals of a vehicle-lifter gang on Friday. Cops additionally recovered two stolen cars, eight two-wheelers and dissembled portions of 3 cars besides 71 faux stamps. It is alleged that the accused used to make faux documents with the help of those stamps to promote stolen automobiles.
The arrested accused had been known as Prem Singh, 44, of Bajara village and Suresh Kumar, 58, of Hari Singh Nagar. Police have recovered automobiles shape the possession of Prem— the kingpin of the crowd— and stamps shape Suresh.

The further deputy commissioner of police (ADCP-1) Gurpreet Singh Sikand mentioned the department quantity four police on January four arrested two car lifters named Jassi and Akash solving more than 55 cases of vehicle lifting. Akash is Prem Singh’s stepson. The gang used to scouse borrow two wheelers and cars using grasp keys and were extra energetic in Zone-1 of Ludhiana commissionerte. After arrest of Akash and Jassi, Prem Sing fled to Haridwar however returned in February.

“After returning to city Prem Singh once more stole two cars one from Salem Tabri house on February 26 and one from department quantity four house on March four. While investigating this case, SHO at Salem Tabri police station managed to nab Prem Singh from his house on Meharban house and recovered automobiles. On additional data supplied via Prem Singh the police reached to Suresh Kumar,” he added.

Further the SHO Vijay Kumar mentioned, “It is an previous gang. While Prem Singh, his son Akash and assist Jassi used to scouse borrow automobiles, their partner Suresh used to make faux registration certificates of automobiles to promote it. Some of the automobiles were additionally bought to a scrap broker named Kashmir Singh of Dera Bajigar who's yet to be arrested.”

“Police have recovered 71 stamps of regional transport administrative center, senior clinical officer and different officials whose documents are needed to promote a car. The accused also have stamps of different districts and states like Pathankot, Patiala, Amritsar, Jammu, Mumbai and so on. They used to fee the rest from Rs 1,000 to Rs five,000 to issue faux certificates,” the SHO added.

When asked the anticipated numbers of automobiles stolen and bought via accused with faux documents, ADCP Sikand mentioned the determine is expected to exceed 100. It has additionally come to our understand that car lifters from different districts used to return to Suresh to get cast documents for promoting automobiles once more.

The officials mentioned that the crowd were energetic since 2018. In 2016, Prem Singh was arrested via Jammu police in a drug case. It was all through his tenure in prison when he met Jassi and formed their gang together with his son Akash.

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