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To phase out plastic, liquor in tetra packs from April 1

Bhubaneswar: From April 1, Odisha will join many other states to serve liquor in tetra packs, widespread for packaging milk and fruit juice.
According to the brand new excise regulatory pointers issued on Thursday, which will probably be carried out from the coming monetary 12 months, Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) in quantity of 90 ml and 180 ml can be offered in such packs.

According to the ideas, the manufacturing devices should take certificate from the Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysuru, or Indian Institute of Packaging, headquartered in Mumbai, that the tetra packaging technology meets the desired high quality.

A senior executive officer mentioned the government decided to opt for tetra packaging to completely abolish use of plastic bottles. Currently, sure manufacturers of alcoholic drinks of 90 ml are to be had in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are prone to adulteration as something can be injected into it. “Such chance is completely dominated out in tetra packs,” the officer mentioned. The new pointers mentioned plastic bottles will probably be totally achieved away with from June 30. The liquor manufacturers may have strategy to pack liquor in glass, as is the continuing apply, or tetra packs.

Jogesh Rout, who works for a liquor bottling unit, mentioned tetra pack will make distribution more straightforward compared to glass bottles which might be fragile. Market insiders mentioned tetra packs will scale back packaging price via part. While a glass bottle prices round Rs four, a tetra pack will price round Rs 2, he mentioned. More than 80% liquor, offered in retail outlets, are within the quantity of 180 ml or less.

Tetra packaging technology, having six protective layers of papers, polythene and aluminium is popularised via a multinational corporate Tetra Pak. Also, there are some Indian companies using an identical packaging technology. Liquor in tetra packs is especially widespread in Karnataka although a number of other states too have presented it.

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