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Three pairs of trains to get LHB coaches today

PATNA: The East Central Railway (ECR) has determined to run the Saharsa-Pataliputra Janhit Express (13205/13206), Saharsa-Anand Vihar Jansadharan Express (15529/15530) and Saharsa-Amritsar Janhit Express (15531/15532) with Linke-Hofmann-Busch (LHB) coaches instead of the traditional Integral Coach Factory (ICF) ones from Friday.

According to ECR’s leader public family members officer (CPRO) Rajesh Kumar, “The Saharsa-Pataliputra Janhit Express will run with a load mixture of 14 coaches and the opposite two with 18 coaches every. The number of berths will build up as well.”

While ICF coaches are standard in nature, LHB coaches are anti-telescopic, which means that that they do not flip in case of a collision, more secure, lighter and more comfortable.

“The decision of phase-wise alternative of standard ICF coaches with LHB coaches has been taken from safety point of view,” the CPRO said.

Two Holi special trains: The railways will run two Holi special trains at the Gandhidham-Bhagalpur and Ahmedabad-Patna routes to cope with the rush of passengers during the competition.

“The Gandhidham-Bhagalpur special (09451/09452) will leave Gandhidham at five.40pm on March 15 (Friday) and succeed in Bhagalpur at 4pm on Sunday. On its go back adventure, it is going to leave Bhagalpur at 6.30am on March 18 (Monday) and succeed in Gandhidham at 6pm on Wednesday,” the CPRO said, adding the teach would run via the Gorakhpur-Hajipur-Barauni-Munger course.

The 2nd teach (09421/09422) will leave Ahmedabad at 11.25pm on March 18 (Monday) and succeed in the Patna Junction at eight.45am on Wednesday. On its go back adventure, it is going to leave Patna at 11am on March 20 (Wednesday) and succeed in Ahmedabad at 7pm on Thursday. Its load mixture will be of 18 coaches.

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