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Sugarcane farmers to hold Mahapanchayat

AMBALA: Sugarcane farmers from Ambala, Panchkula and Yamunanagar will hold any other Mahapanchayat out of doors Naraingarh sugar mill on March 5 as the mill control has did not clear their payments.

Naraingarh SDM Aditi had mediated a meeting on Friday with the mill control and leaders of Bharatiya Kisan Union's (BKU) Rattan Mann faction which demanded early release of payments.

However, the unregistered BKU Haryana headed through Gurnam Singh Charuni has known as in any other Mahapanchayat out of doors the sugar mill.

This would be the fifth Mahapanchayat related to the delay in payments through the mill administration.

The mill control has did not keep its promises made on January 3 when the farmers halted its operations.

“The mill has did not keep its promises and it's not releasing payments as per the agenda. A fee of more than Rs 100 crore for the present season is outstanding,” Charuni said.

SDM Aditi instructed TOI, “During the meeting on Friday, I had advised the mill control to release Rs 1.5 crore each day as per the assurance. For the previous 10 days, the mill administration has not been releasing any payments to the farmers. I have known as the general manager of the mill to be provide all over the panchayat.”

“As per the calculations, sugarcane payments of just about Rs 100 crore are exceptional for the present season,” she said.

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