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Sprinklers, watermelons help zoo inmates cool off under scorching sun

Mysuru: With the temperature hovering to a document level in Mysuru, town’s zoo, some of the absolute best within the nation, has incorporated extra culmination within the diet of its inmates to overcome the heat. Besides, sprinklers were fixed within the enclosures to stay the animals stay cool below a blazing solar.
The 125-year-old zoo has more than 1,500 animals, together with unique ones.

Chimpanzees and African apes are being served smooth coconuts while giraffes’ enclosures are fitted with sprinklers. Mysuru’s temperature has ascended to 37.nine levels Celsius, a document in the past 9 many years.

According to zoo officials, right from offering smooth coconut, recent fruit juices to electrolyte-enhanced water to the animals, the zoo has been giving special attention to stay the animals hydrated. The amount of culmination that have prime water content like watermelons, oranges and muskmelons were increased, they mentioned.

A small pond has been created within the enclosures of tiger, leopard and lion while the jumbos experience a dirt bath on the wallows.

Speaking to TOI, government director, Mysuru zoo, Ajith Kulkarni mentioned the animals are in a position to maintaining themselves in several temperatures. “They can sustain or adapt to temperature permutations. However, as zoo authorities, we will be able to extend some lend a hand. In the wild, animals get their own house. They can shuttle to the within reach ponds or rivers to stay their frame cool. However, within the zoo, there are limitations as they live in an enclosed space. The zoo has to make such provisions in their enclosures so that they feel relaxed. So a ways, the animals are doing smartly,” Kulkarni mentioned.

The temperature has now not affected the glide of visitors to the zoo, mentioned Kulkarni. But there's a dip within the choice of visitors, basically because of the ongoing ultimate assessments in colleges and colleges, he added. By the top of March, extra vacationers will get started arriving, he mentioned.

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