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Safety week ends with workshop for auto drivers

KOLKATA: For 40-odd auto drivers across the two Beliaghata routes this Friday presented a special experience. The last day of the street safety week began with a workshop led by the Beliaghata Traffic Guard officers, the place the auto drivers learnt what it intended to be “street ready”. The drivers received courses on administering CPR and have been defined the importance of the ‘golden hour’ in saving the lives of accident victims.

The drivers who continuously get a nasty identify at the town roads, were given a chance to give something again to the society. “We typically favor no longer being concerned when an accident has taken position and steer clear of the victims. We are scared of police harassment. But these days, we learnt that no matter little we will do too can save lives,” mentioned Gobinda Naskar, one of the vital individuals.


This is an innovative strategy to fixing some of our site visitors issues. Giving one of the vital everyday rule violators an opportunity to peer the site visitors mess from the opposite facet can also be more practical than punishment. But police officers can transcend this. They must explore the potential of monitoring some of these drivers and making them function fashions amongst their friends.

The workshop incorporated video analyses of exact accidents. “The concept is to attract courses from real accidents. They always have a deeper impact,” mentioned a sergeant of Kolkata Police. This module was supervised by a Beliaghata site visitors guard crew lead by ACP Alok Sanyal. “We sought after to spice up their self-worth and morale, and lead them to become more responsible members of the society. This may even assist them become their image,” mentioned Sanyal.

He added that ultimately, the police officers hoped that they may utilize the services and products of the auto drivers to attend to accident victims. “In most cases, the drivers are the primary respondents to any accident and we'd like them to assist victims in some ways. We recognized that fact and skilled them in emergency clinical aid,” he mentioned.

The police officers who have been the running shoes at the workshop in Beliaghata have themselves been skilled by clinical pros in emergency first aid procedures. In the near future, these drivers will also be given first aid kits worth Rs 200 and dustbins that can be put in inside of their automobiles to forestall passengers from littering.

The police effort was, alternatively, no longer limited to teach auto drivers on saving lives. The Vidyasar site visitors guard were given clerics and clergymen to deliver a speech on street safety. At the Howrah bridge site visitors guard and Kasba site visitors guard, auto drivers no longer best controlled site visitors, but underwent clinical tests to determine if they can installed lengthy hours at the roads.

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