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Residents protest parking of vehicles near NorthCap

GURUGRAM: Residents and RWA participants of Sector 23A held a protest at the NorthCap University campus on Friday, claiming that students park their automobiles in the area and reason several issues for them. They also filed a criticism with police in the subject.

The day by day visitors congestion in the area has raised pollution-related issues. The visitors division has positioned an average strip on the main highway due to which the access point into colony is blocked forcing commuters to take the route where scholars park their automobiles.

Malkhan Singh Yadav, president RWA, Sector 23 A said, “We had been facing this problem for several years however there was no paintings done to get to the bottom of it.”

BS Tripathi, every other resident, said, “Every day we face noise and air pollution issues. As according to norms of the Pollution Control Board, no air pollution is meant to take place inside 100 metres of an schooling institute. Yet we face those issues right here.” Residents puzzled that if the college does not have a chosen parking area, how may authorities allow it to run. Behind the college construction, there is a 6-acre land. “But the automobiles cannot be parked there because of an enormous quantity of dust,” said a school respectable.

TOI contacted Mukesh Solanki, property officer HSVP, who suggested that the residents must meet with the HSVP administrator. But calls to CS Khare were unanswered.

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