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Poll push: Jaggery prices fly north in S Gujarat

Nothing sounds sweeter to the jaggery producers’ ears than the sound of the poll bugle. For, gud, or jaggery is the one commodity whose prices are without delay influenced by way of announcement of election dates. Why? Because demand for gud, the primary ingredient in production of nation liquor, is without delay proportionate to the demand of liquor in the rural spaces all over campaigns.

The jaggery buyers in Surat and south Gujarat are smiling their method to the banks with the phenomenal upward thrust in jaggery prices prior to now one month. Prices that have been in the vary of Rs three,200-Rs three,500 in keeping with quintal a month ago has now risen to Rs 4,500-Rsfive,000 in keeping with quintal following the rise in the demand from native breweries once poll dates were introduced.

In fact sugarcane sent without delay from fields to jaggery devices build up in the election yr. Jaggery devices too buy extra cane when prices upward thrust as their overheads are substantially less than those of sugar generators. Country liquor producers too acquire extra jaggery to fulfill demand by way of political parties, which distribute freebies to be able to muster votes.

Director of Sayan cooperative mandli, Darshan Naik mentioned the costs of jaggery has witnessed upward thrust of Rs 400-Rs 500 in keeping with quintal to the touch Rs five,200 a quintal. A fortnight ago, the same jaggery was bought at Rs three,500 in keeping with quintal. “The worth of delicate sugar in keeping with quintal is Rs three,200, while jaggery prices have touched Rs five,000 quintal. Demand for jaggery rises all over election time and in iciness when other people get ready iciness cuisine,” Naik mentioned.

He further mentioned that jaggery prices will continue to upward thrust even in the coming days as the polls will be an extended affair until May 23. The jaggery manufactured in south Gujarat is regarded as to be the most productive and is exported to different portions of the rustic when demand peaks all over poll period.

Jayesh Patel of Jehangapura farmers’ mandli informed TOI, “Sale of jaggery is a win win situation for sugarcane farmers, jaggery manufactures and buyers. Prices are likely to shoot up upper with the rise in the demand for jaggery by way of the rustic liquor producers too.”

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