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Pak airspace closure: IndiGo's Delhi-Istanbul direct to fly via Doha

NEW DELHI: The closure of Pakistan airspace for overflying since February 27 has now solid its shadow at the longest route so far to be operated by way of an Indian low price provider — IndiGo’s Delhi-Istanbul nonstop this is to start out from subsequent Wednesday (March 20). It will be a one-stop flight by means of Doha as IndiGo’s Airbus A321 NEO will take the longer path to and from the west to keep away from Pakistan airspace. Pakistan is constantly postponing reopening of its airspace and its newest notice to airmen (Notam) says this is to happen on Monday (March 18) at 3.30 pm (Indian time).

“Our Delhi-Istanbul-Delhi flight will be by means of Doha if the Pakistan airspace does now not open by way of when we get started them,” stated a senior legit. The flight to Delhi-Istanbul and return nonstop was once intended to be about 7 and 6 hours, respectively. The longer route by means of Doha will increase flying time by way of about 3 hours due to first flying beyond Ahmedabad after which turning over the Arabian Ocean from there on way to Doha, adopted by way of the stopover in Qatar. While IndiGo begins as a day-to-day from subsequent Wednesday, it'll have two flights on this route from March 25.

All flights between the west and south/southeast Asia, including Delhi, are taking the longer route due to which airlines have to take extra team or need to exchange team on the halt necessitated by way of the closure of Pakistan airspace.

Air India has in closing two days achieved route rationalisation due to this reason why. It has clubbed its Mumbai-New York (JFK) with Mumbai-Newark (EWR) nonstop from Saturday (March 16) to May 31, 2019. AI will temporarily suspend its standard Delhi-Madrid-Delhi, Delhi-Birmingham-Delhi and Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham flights from this Saturday “due to operational reasons till further notice”. The airline has achieved so due to a mixture of reasons like team scarcity caused by way of west-bound flights taking longer route after Pakistan airspace closure and hence they need to fly with extra team participants.

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