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Mumbai: 'I’ve lost my child,' cries survivor

MUMBAI: “Baccha mera mar gaya (my child has died),” cried 55-year-old Siraj Khan, whose global got here crashing with the cave in of the Himalaya bridge on Thursday night.
Khan was accompanying his 32-year-old son Zahid out of the CSMT station and the two were walking at the foot over brdige against Anjuman-I-Islam development a little to the aspect to steer clear of the night crowd rushing in to catch trains when the bridge collapsed.

While Siraj escaped with critical injuries, his son didn't make it. Zahid is survived by way of wife Shaheen (24) and two daughters elderly six and one.

“We were in combination and chatting when we felt the bridge was shaking and was about to crash. It all happened inside seconds,” the father recalled. “I couldn’t do anything to save lots of my son and that is the saddest day of my existence. I was taken to G T Hospital from where I went to Rajawadi for further treatment. The docs have given me a waist belt as I've suffered a again injury which will take time to heal. I've additionally sustained injuries to my face. But the worst ache is that of dropping my son,” he told mediapersons gathered outside his Ghatkopar place of dwelling.

Siraj ran a store near Ghatkopar station with his 3 sons. Siraj and Zahid, his eldest son, were in CSMT on Thursday to shop for supplies for their store, which is a standard follow with them. “It is lucky that Zahid’s brothers and the rest of the circle of relatives are around for lend a hand and fortify,” stated Shaikh Badrunnisa, Zahid’s spiritual instructor and neighbour, “differently this is able to have transform extremely tough to take care of for them”.

Badrunnisa recounts the collection of events that led to the affirmation of his dying. “When the inside track first got here and we noticed his title at the record, we didn’t wish to imagine it was our Zahid,” she says, “but it was quickly confirmed by way of quite a lot of teams and buddies. However, we still was hoping that he was injured and alive.”

While Siraj Khan struggles to stroll, his wife remains inconsolable in her grief. Having not too long ago undergone an operation, the circle of relatives idea it sensible to wreck the inside track of her son’s sudden dying to her slowly, with white lies reminiscent of him being admitted to the ICU.

Referred to as “Sonu” by way of his family members, Zahid’s existence cannot be compensated by way of any sum of money, stated Badrunnisa. “No existence can.”

“I’ve known him since he was a kid. He was an excessively calm, mild and humble human being,” stated Badrunnisa. “Always respectful to his elders and all the way down to earth. This more or less factor shouldn’t occur to anyone. What is the federal government as much as?”

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