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Madras Univ cancels seminar, sparks controversy

CHENNAI: A bit of scholars and professors at the University of Madras complain that their right to freedom of speech and expression is under attack following denial of permission to carry a couple of events over the last six months.

The latest tournament to be cancelled is a seminar arranged by way of the organisation for the safety of democratic rights (OPDR) on fresh politics, secularism, and regulations. Retired Supreme Court judge J Chelameshwar, retired Madras top court judge D Hariparanthaman and a number of other well known Dalit and human rights activists have been to participate. The vice-chancellor, P Duraisamy, said the university did not hire out its halls to outsiders and that not one of the university departments had sought permission.

But scholars and professors claimed that the university administration had repeatedly cancelled permission for events organised by way of scholars and departments at the closing minute mentioning administrative reasons. From the screening of a documentary at the Ayodhya row to a lecture by way of former JNU student Umar Khalid, the university had denied permission to a minimum of 4 such events in the closing six months.

Umar Khalid was once invited for a chat by way of an organisation called scholars for social democracy and a documentary at the Ayodhya row (In The Name of God) was once meant to be screened by way of the political sciences division.

‘If there is not any provision, then must they accumulate hire and accord permission after we initially way," asked a student from the political sciences department, requesting anonymity. Professor Ramu Manivannan from the department said that there was an enforced political environment in the university, which was against freedom of expression. "Democratic areas must be there in educational establishments and the university by no means in the past has come under the sort of large attack with a cancellation of seminars and other activities," he added.

A university legit, who didn't want to be named, said discussions past academics weren't inspired for a calm surroundings.

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