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'Local flavour' videos criticising Amarinder Singh government go viral on social media

JALANDHAR: Video clips of a few boulevard artists singing 'bollian' (couplets) against Capt Amarinder Singh govt have long past viral in the previous few days. While in the beginning glance these may appear to be spontaneous reactions of the commoners, the Congress says these have been produced on the behest of rival political events.

The functionaries and staff of opposition events are patently very happy to share and spread these short musical movies as ingenious sarcasm draws more attention than speech of any political leader.

The first such video that went viral has as a few girls in on a regular basis attire sitting on the rooftop of a few development. They appear like normal team of girls from any neighbourhood, the likes of which will ceaselessly be spotted singing and greeting households on happy events especially at marriage venues.

In this video originality and ease of their taste of singing with clapping has been maintained and the only software used is a metal utensil which one of them performs like adholak.

The first boli within the video goes: "Laarian ne tere saanu khaa lia/Jhotthe laariaan ne, hath rakht gutke te sahuan khanda see Damdame sahib wala hath janda see/kalle kalle ghar vich naukri mein daungaa/gapp niklee punjab saara gah lia' (your false promises have frustrated us, you swore with a Gutka in your hand and pointing towards Takht Damdama Sahib that you would provide one job in each family, but we found it to be a lie after touring the entire state)."

While this and other movies have eager about failures of the federal government, the second couplet on this video gives a clue as it has been woven round kabaddi, "Chaavan naal munde see kabaddi khelde/jido jidi rehnde seege dand pelde/khed vall keeta na dhian maan de putta/vehle kar ke unhan noon bitha lia (The youth used to play kabaddi with a lot of interest and would do pushups while competing with each other, but you have made them sit at home)."

The girls additionally take digs at Captain's govt on hike in energy expenses and its alleged failure in controlling the medicine in four weeks as it concludes with couplet whilst addressing the CM as, "Rajia, ik gall sun chhindo kann kar ke, haan mindro/char hafte ch nashe band kar te, naa mindro/gapp vadde vadde maare aiven gallan naal saare/bhed khul gia rahia tere...telephone milia kee tere munde noo, naa arrie smart phone milia kee tere munde noon, naa arrie."

In every other video eunuchs sing and dance whilst their aides play a harmonium and a dholak. It opens with tagline, "Raje noo vote naa paungee mera dil ghabrave (I will not vote for Raja, I have a sinking feeling)." It then takes digs on the factor of energy expenses, failure in Atta-Daal scheme, harassment in police stations, courts, prolong in fee of salaries and denying TA and DA.

Both the clips are a little bit over three mins.

Third clip is of Malwai giddha by means of a gaggle of six males. It additionally takes dig on the Congress govt whilst addressing the CM as 'Raja of Patiala'Like other movies, it too talks about vow to provide jobs to formative years. This clip is a little bit over two mins.

The movies have been shared by means of the Shiromani Akali Dal, AAP supporters or even by means of those who oppose all the three events. Meanwhile, every other video of a woman singing Modi Mirza (on the tune of common Punjabi folks music Mirza) it sounds as if in some serve as has additionally long past viral as it takes digs at PM Narendra Modi.

"Even as these videos have been kept simple but it is clear that these have been produced at the behest of a political party," said Congress vice-president Himanshu Pathak, when contacted.

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