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Layered tea, anyone?

Tea grasp B Manickam is a person of few words; it’s his tea that speaks for him. 57-year-old Manickam is the brain behind a unique advent referred to as layered tea. As the title suggests, the tea has many layers. His cuppa has gained him many lovers in the city.
Hailing from Salem, Manickam moved to Coimbatore greater than 4 many years in the past and set to work throughout bakeries in the city. He also supplied tea to small firms in Kanuvai. After many hardships, he in any case opened his personal tea store close to the Kanuvai bus forestall. It’s laborious to pass over ‘Layer Tea Master’s Bala Bakery’, which is only some toes away from the forestall.

Though Manickam has been making tea for the previous 40 years, the idea of making layered tea came up only 15 years in the past. “I have been making tea for years. I sought after to create one thing new to stamp my identification and that’s how I came up with the idea of layered tea. I tried and practised this for several years ahead of bobbing up with the fitting components. After studying how to make the layers sustain without getting blended, I struggled to make an impression/design at the ultimate layer. I tried pouring decoction in some ways, but nothing worked. I then made designs in copper wires, Now, I put a stamp at the ultimate layer of the tea and offer other folks.” He has different formed wires-star, center, lotus and more to create the ones impressions on tea.

He adds, “I have tried this in different bakeries, but I used to be always frightened of the house owners asking me to stick with commonplace tea reasonably than losing time and assets. All these years, I didn’t understand how to unfold the word throughout. People found the idea that unique and tasty, but now not many knew about this. When I used to make tea at house and supply it to within reach firms, I realised that it used to be diffic ult to make layered tea and commonplace tea and supply it to firms all on my own at house. That’s the explanation I started my own bakery. Here in my bakery, I will be able to take my own time and make layered tea for my customers.”

Manickam can make as much as seven layers in a glass of tea. “I first pour decoction, followed by froth, milk, Boost, froth and Bournvita/ Horlicks /coffee on most sensible to create more layers. The trick is in dealing with the foam. That performs a a very powerful part in protecting the layers without getting blended. For those who don’t drink milk, I combine water with Boost and undeniable decoction, froth and make layers on it. I don’t want them to fail to see the fun experience. On a standard foundation, I make three layers for the shoppers to drink.” To our surprise, the layers flow when he brings it to the desk.

All said and executed, Manickam says that so much get wasted while making layered tea. “I wish to always have in store Boost, Horlicks, Bournvita, decoction and scorching milk so that I will be able to make it fast for the shoppers. Making layered tea consumes more time than commonplace tea. I wish to keep adding and removing froth to make the layers sustain, which ends up in a large number of wastage. It’s now not as simple because it appears and that’s why I have priced the layered tea at Rs. 20. Earlier, other folks would come house to drink layered tea, but now I am hoping they arrive to the bakery,” indicators off Manickam.

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