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Istanbul police fire tear gas at banned women's day rally

ISTANBUL: Istanbul police fired tear gas at 1000's of women who took to the city's central street on International Women's Day on Friday in defiance of a protest ban to demand better rights and denounce violence.

Security forces in rebellion equipment driven the crowds of women — some dressed in colourful wigs and mask -- at the front to the city's major pedestrianised buying groceries boulevard of Istiklal Avenue, an AFP correspondent reported.

Police then used tear gas on the marchers after which menaced them with canine with canine. Many protesters fled to the sidestreets.

The match took place peacefully last yr however just prior to this yr's march, government issued a commentary banning any demonstration on the town's central street.

The area was flooded with police who set up cordons around the central Taksim Square and lots of native shops had been closed.

One lady, known as Ulker, talking to AFP from behind the cordon, stated: "Take a have a look at this.

"Here is the bitter fact: There is a device, there is a state that is scared folks. I condemn this."

Thousands of demonstrators had been allowed right into a small part of the street to level the protest.

They unfurled banners: "Feminist rise up against male violence, and poverty", and "I was born unfastened and I can live unfastened."

The demonstrators additionally chanted slogans including "We are not silent, we are not scared, we are not obeying."

The crowds then turned into trapped between two security cordons and had been due to this fact dispersed by means of the police the usage of teargas.

Women's activists have long accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamic-rooted govt of not doing sufficient to stop violence against women.

In 2018, 440 women had been killed in murders linked to their gender, in step with the women's rights workforce "We Will Stop Femicide", in comparison with 210 in 2012.

The issue came to public consideration when Turkish pop singer Sila appeared prior to court docket on proceedings of getting been overwhelmed by means of her spouse Ahmet Kural, a famous actor.

The landmark trial opened in Istanbul Thursday an afternoon prior to International Women's Day.

"As you understand in Turkey violence against women could be very top. The govt is doing not anything to stop it. That's all we will be able to do: to come back here and discuss up," protester at Istiklal Avenue Gulsah stated.

Women's rallies had been additionally held within the capital Ankara, the place a few hundred women protested, with small police presence.

Some chanted: "Men are killing and the state is protecting killers".

Large scale protests are uncommon occasions in Turkey below Erdogan.

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