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Induction of Gutiyari into BJP irks its own MLA

AGRA: BJP's Agra Cantonment MLA Girraj Singh Dharmesh on Thursday slammed his personal birthday party for inducting former BSP MLA Gutiyari Lal Duwesh, his long-time political bete noire. Dharmesh has fought two elections in opposition to Duwesh and had defeated him in the 2017 poll via a margin of 46,325.

Now, Duwesh's access into the birthday party has irked the BJP MLA. Unhappy over the transfer, Dharmesh said that Duwesh is a 'fuka hua kartus' (spent power) and also said that the birthday party must introspect.

"Since there is a wave of BJP in the country and we are once again heading toward another victory, people like Gutiyari Lal Duwesh are joining hands with our party. The party should introspect. Do we really need a former BSP leader in our party whom I defeated by a margin of over 45,000 votes? In 2012, he won against me by a margin of 6,000 fake votes, which he allegedly brought from neighbouring state Rajasthan. There must be something against him which has forced Duwesh to join our party in order to save himself. There was huge anger during his tenure as MLA among locals, as he didn't do anything for the public," the BJP MLA said.

Duwesh and any other BSP chief Umesh Sharma Saithiya, a 2017 candidate from Fatehabad meeting, joined BJP in presence of birthday party's state leader Mahendra Nath Pandey in Lucknow on Tuesday.

Responding to the fees of incumbent MLA Dharmesh in opposition to him, Duwesh said, "I have lodged a complaint with party high command in Lucknow. Dharmesh is going against the party line."

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