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India carried out three counter strikes in 5 years, not two: Rajnath Singh

MANGALURU: Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday mentioned, "India has carried out three counter strikes, not two, in the last five years."

Addressing the Shakti Kendra Pramukhs of the BJP at a convention in Mangalore on Saturday, Rajnath mentioned, "People know about the surgical strike of Uri and the air strike that the IAF carried out in Balakot. In fact, we have carried out three counter strikes in five years. I can give you details of the two counter terror operations. However, I can't disclose details of the third one," Singh mentioned.

He warned Pakistan that they are going to have to pay heavy price for promotion of terrorism by protective and offering shelters to terrorists. "India will not provoke Pakistan, but we will not tolerate provocation on from their side," he mentioned.

On Pulwama air strike, Rajnath mentioned, "It was a targeted mission carried out successfully by the IAF with specific intelligence inputs. We have successfully destroyed the terror camp in Pakistan. Our brave soldiers have carried out attack in their land and sent a strong message to Pakistan that they will have to pay heavy price for promoting terrorism. The opposition, which is seeking proof for Pulwama deaths, seems to have lost faith in Indian forces. The IAF team had gone there with a targeted mission with specific intelligence input. Our MiG 21 has destroyed their F 16. It is a question of our country's pride," he mentioned and added that by 2028, India will probably be one of the crucial three tough nations on the planet.

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