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Historic protests challenge fragile Algerian leader, regime

ALGIERS: Algeria is at a turning level, led by way of voters young and old peacefully protesting against the 20-year rule of ill President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The powerful army is girding against eventual chaos, while protesters in the North African country are relishing the perception of an Algeria reborn. But there are no polls, and no way to know whether or not the load of the street would possibly tip the stability in the upcoming presidential election.

The power structure in Algeria since independence has been opaque. Before Bouteflika took place of business in 1999, generals held the presidency, and the military's voice is still powerful. But nowadays there are more than one spheres of influence, amongst them a coterie of the super-rich, who grew their wealth beneath Bouteflika, professionals say. At the similar time, corruption has reached crescendo levels.

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