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HC orders to pay interest to closed mill workers

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat top court has ordered the Official Liquidator(OL) to pay Rs 13.22 crore to former workmen of Shree Ambica Mills Ltd against the passion amassed at the quantities payable to them since the four gadgets of the mill went into liquidation in 1997.

After two textile gadgets of the mill in Ahmedabad, a unit in Vadodara named Sunita Mills and the Tube Division in Vatva went into liquidation, 3709 workmen were difficult their dues. They were paid Rs 36 crore against their dues in 2010.

After the OL submitted his document about settlement with the creditor establishments, recommend Dhimant Vasavada on behalf of the Textile Labour Association (TLA) requested to pay the passion at the dues between 1997 and 2010. The HC ordered the OL to disburse the money after following a process and verifying the claims.

The court ordered the OL to disburse Rs 9.08 lakh among 633 staff of the Tube Division after getting their person claims verified via the Chartered Accountant. The HC has additionally ordered to stay apart Rs 1 crore for 36 staff and to pay on their making claims and complying with prerequisites laid down via the court.

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