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Encourage mediation to settle disputes: Judge

Dharwad: The judiciary department has began mediation according to the directions from the Supreme Court to cut back pendency of instances in decrease courts and to deliver rapid justice, said fundamental district and sessions pass judgement on Eshappa Bhute.
“Mediation is an effective and vital instrument which ensures a win-win scenario for each parties. Advocates must increase passion in mediation and put extra efforts to ensure the advantages of this mechanism reaches litigants,” he added.

He spoke on the inauguration of a three-day workshop on mediation organised for advocates of Gadag, Haveri and Dharwad districts right here on Friday.

“All the courts within the state are flooded with instances and every day new instances are being filed. Though these kind of instances are have compatibility to be settled through mediation, they don't reach the mediation centre due to lack of passion in some judges and advocates,” he said.

The mediation centre in Dharwad has disposed 18.86% instances. Between 2015-2019, the honorarium paid to advocates to settle instances through mediation is higher however the result's unimpressive, the pass judgement on said.

He said advocates must instill self assurance among petitioners to get their instances settled through mediation as it's going to save the courtroom’s money and time.

Dharwad Bar Association President R U Bellakki said instances associated with assets disputes and petty quarrels between spouses are on the rise. Such instances can be resolved through mediation and litigants must show passion in settling them on the earliest, he said.

Resource individuals from Bengaluru mediation centre Vijaykumar R, Jyo Joseph, judges R S Chinnannavar, Gangadhar C M, Savitri Kujji, CJM Shrikanth S V and others had been present.

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