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Edu society ‘encroaches’ road and garden of govt quarters

Nagpur: Already having invited controversy for building of ceremonial dinner hall and lawn on its faculty premises, the CP & Berar Education Society has allegedly encroached a public road and garden of Ravi Nagar Government Quarters. The state’s public works department (PWD) and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are not initiating any motion despite being acutely aware of the encroachments.
TOI, on February 25, had reported that the society built a ceremonial dinner hall and lawn on its faculty premises at Ravi Nagar without sanction. Now, probably the most citizens of Ravi Nagar Government Quarters advised NewsTread at the situation of anonymity that the society has also encroached a road and public garden.

A map acquired through NewsTread from state’s PWD, which is working and keeping up the quarters, shows a straight road between society’s faculty and District Administrative Training Institute. The road connects A-type quarters with Telangkhedi Hanuman Mandir Road.

“It was a six-metre extensive road like different inner roads within the colony. The society erected tins and covered all the stretch of the around 20 metre road. The encroachment was once finished 15 years in the past. We lodged a criticism with PWD place of business which is within 500 metres from the spot but no motion was once taken,” the resident stated.

Confirming this, PWD officers stated a notice was once issued to the society over 15 years in the past and a suggestion was once submitted to the top place of business for getting rid of the encroachment but no motion was once taken.

PWD leader engineer Ulhas Debadwar stated a notice shall be issued, followed through motion in case the road is encroached.

As in keeping with the map, an area has been marked for a public garden adjacent to the society’s faculty. However, tins had been erected to encroach the realm to deliver it below the society premises.

Secretary of the society Anil Mahajan stated he was once blind to the issue. “I will have to talk about it with the personnel, go in the course of the documents and take additional decisions,” he stated.

The society has finished no building at the road and the garden space. The road is getting used as garden whilst the realm marked for the garden is getting used as playground.

Assistant commissioner of NMC Dharampeth Zone Mahesh Moroney stated he would check up on the spot and take vital motion.


Colony | State’s PWD built Ravi Nagar Government Quarters on 54 acre nazul land in 1955. PWD map shows space for quarters, inner roads, garden, playgrounds and so forth

Missing road | As in keeping with the map, a road exists between CP & Berar Education Society’s faculty and District Administrative Training Institute. The road, which used to glue A-type quarters with Telangkhedi Hanuman Mandir road, has been allegedly sealed from either side through the varsity

Missing garden | Map shows a garden between a road and society’s faculty. Also, there are three small structures. Society has erected tins to allegedly deliver the garden space below its premises

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