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Class XII students ask for compensatory marks

CHENNAI: The Class XII CBSE board examinations, which started on Saturday with the English examination, shocked scholars once they realised that the query paper had ‘careless’ omissions. The scholars are actually tough compensatory marks for the ‘error’.

According to scholars, the English core paper has two novels prescribed for finding out - ‘The Invisible Man’ via HG Wells and ‘Silas Marner’ via George Eliot.

The scholars are taught any such a books selected via their lecturers. The board usually also sets one six mark query each and every from both books as query numbers 11 and 12, providing a choice to scholars to attempt questions at the novels they have been taught.

However, this time the questions had no selection, and the students who had learnt ‘The Invisible Man’ on my own also had to attempt questions from ‘Silas Marner’, which many weren't taught.

“We have been anticipating alternatives from both, but when we noticed the paper we have been left stumped,” stated a student.

Students further stated they had to waste no less than 10 mins to reply to the ‘obligatory’ query. “It carried six marks and we didn’t know if shall we put out of your mind it,” stated another student.

However, when scholars in one of the crucial centres complained, the invigilators reportedly asked them to jot down the query number followed via the query from the topic they weren't taught, within the answer sheet.

“We need the ones six marks,” stated a student.

Ok Srinivasan, regional officer of the Central Board of Secondary Education, stated while the potential for an ‘error’ used to be rare, respective faculty lecturers have sent feedback to better government. “The error has been intimated to the officials and they'll act accordingly,” he stated.

In the period in-between, scholars who appeared for the examination from across the country took to Twitter criticising CBSE over the error and demanded compensatory marks.

“Questions 11 and 12 must have two questions from each and every novel, but the 11th query had ‘Silas Marner’ as a result of which those that had learnt ‘The Invisible Man’ couldn’t attempt it. We need the Board to provide us the six marks,” stated a student.

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