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Class X boy flaunted airgun from car, let off

BENGALURU: The passenger who brandished a ‘gun’ from the window of a car transferring at the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway on Monday, the video of which went viral on Thursday, has been known as a class 10 pupil from Mysuru. The weapon he waved was once an airgun, Ramanagara police stated.

The video confirmed the front-seat passenger of a Maruti Esteem headed in the course of Mysuru exhibiting the weapon.


A teen flaunting a weapon is reason for worry and raises some pertinent questions. Why was once the boy allowed to carry it? Why wasn't he stopped from brandishing it? Though it was once an airgun and the boy claimed he had no improper purpose — police discovered he did not use it to threaten any person — it still had attainable to reason some harm and cause panic amongst onlookers. Weapons want be handled with warning and the onus of educating kids and keeping them away from hands lies on folks and elders in the family.

Police known the car proprietor as a businessman from Mysuru. In no time, cops landed on the doorstep of the businessman from Mandimohalla handiest to be told that the “gun-wielding” passenger was once his 15-year-old son. The boy confessed to have flaunted the airgun. He instructed cops he had preparatory tests on Friday.

“We seized the car and the airgun. Asking the boy and his father to accompany us, we arrived in Ramanagara on Thursday night and took an undertaking from the boy earlier than warning them and allowing them to move. The car and the weapon will probably be released after the court’s permission,” an investigator stated.

According to the boy, he was once merely flaunting the airgun. “Accompanying his uncle to a relative’s space in Bengaluru, he had carried the airgun with him. On the go back journey, he flaunted the weapon without any provocation or purpose. We discovered that he by no means pointed it against any person or threatened any person with it,” police stated.

The boy’s uncle was once additionally apologetic. “The airgun was once supposed to shoo away parrots and birds. For some reason, the boy carried it to Bengaluru that day,” police quoted his uncle as announcing.

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