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Campaign begins for digital voting

GUWAHATI: Advocacy crew, Social Actions for New Alternatives (Sana), has launched a marketing campaign to discover options for virtual vote casting. In this point in time, when most monetary transactions are conducted online, virtual vote casting will have to also be allowed, Sana has mentioned.

Sana govt director Bidhayak Das on Friday mentioned that they might soon write to the Election Commission of India and all political parties to discover options for exercising one's franchise digitally. "If so many things can happen digitally in a secured manner, one can also vote digitally. This will definitely help more people to vote. This is a part of the clean election campaign that we have launched," Das mentioned.

Sana managing trustee, Nayanjyoti Bhuyan, mentioned that "violence mapping" is among the key components in their clean election marketing campaign.

"Through our campaign, we will also record whether poll-related violence takes place. Voters need to vote freely and without fear. At present, our campaign is for the Lok Sabha polls in Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland. We are networking with civil society groups, community-based organizations and volunteers for creating awareness on the necessity of clean elections as well as ensuring that voters cast their ballots freely," Bhuyan mentioned.

Das mentioned that but even so violence mapping, the marketing campaign will keep a watch on hate speech, malpractices during vote casting and encouraging first time electorate to participate in the election.

"We will be monitoring campaigns of political parties till the final lap, and the period between voting and the results, as well as the post-election situation. Our findings on various violations will be updated on social media after being verified by the Election Commission," Das mentioned.

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