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Business time for Odisha bamboo artisans ahead of elections

BHUBANESWAR: With elections not far away it’s not just a stressful time for politicians, but bamboo craftsmen of Odisha as well. These bamboo craftsmen are raking in the moolah with their arms complete with orders from political parties. These families, who differently make bamboo baskets and different house and kitchen items throughout remainder of the year, are busy making bamboo sticks, poles, flags holders, frames and decorations.

Around 100 families in several town slums have set their eyes at the election jamboree from which they are planning to earn an important amount. For each and every foot of bamboo stick, they fee Rs 3 to 5 and each and every member of a family is incomes round Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 consistent with day.

The craftsmen mentioned they've started work for the remaining 15 days and nearly all political parties have given them huge orders of flag holders to thread birthday party flags and banners of different sizes.

“The orders have started pouring in and will succeed in the peak as soon as candidate names are introduced and polling dates come nearer. Elections come as soon as in five years and we got a possibility to earn some giant money. All in the family starting from children to elders are engaged in this work and we hardly ever do different works,” mentioned Santhilata, a 38-year-old housemaid in Unit-6 house. She mentioned she is planning to take one week depart when the work load will increase.

Apart from flag holders, the political parties additionally position order for birthday party symbols fabricated from bamboo. The craftsmen mentioned they will additionally make lotus, hand and conch symbol in bamboo whilst there are also orders for frames to hold life size flex-posters of applicants and leaders.

“The campaigning is but to start, but even so, throughout the talk over with of national and big leaders we get overburdened by means of work. But we by no means say no to any person. Apart from birthday party leaders many individual applicants additionally play order,” mentioned Madhav Rao, any other craftsman, who has been doing bamboo work for more than 30 years now.

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