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Booze rates down few pegs in Chandigarh, Mohali

CHANDIGARH/MOHALI: Here is a few just right news for booze fans: quite a few liquor vends in Chandigarh and Mohali have slashed charges by as much as 25%. The reason why is that they have got to exhaust the allocated quota of liquor within the finish of this monetary 12 months (March 31).

On the other hand, the Punjab executive has announced its liquor policy for 2019-20 fiscal, retaining a provision for liquor vend owners to hold forward the left-over quota of 2018-19 by paying a nominal price. Mostly, liquor vends adjoining border areas of Chandigarh and Mohali have decreased the charges, whilst the ones in the central part of Chandigarh are but to do so. Darshan Kler, a liquor vend proprietor in Chandigarh, stated, "I am out of town. I have been told that some of the liquor vends adjoining borders with Mohali have reduced rates from today."

The owners have displayed the decreased charges outside their vends, but resources stated some vends have began offering the cut price verbally.

Sunny, a liquor vend proprietor in Mohali, stated, "In Mohali, liquor rates have already been brought at par with that of Chandigarh and due to the end of fiscal year, the rates have been further reduced."

Earlier, liquor buyers in Mohali had slashed the charges to bring them at par with Chandigarh. The worth of Blenders Pride bottle used to be decreased by Rs 200 to be offered at Rs 600 in opposition to previous worth of Rs 800. Similarly, the cost of Royal Stag used to be decreased by Rs 150 to be offered at Rs 380 in opposition to the previous worth of Rs 530.

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