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BMC okays Rs 1,000-cr proposals in a day

MUMBAI: BMC's standing committee cleared a Rs 500 crore proposal to construct a civic hospital in Govandi, with Rs 80 crore to fix the JVLR stretch and plenty of different proposals on Friday with out much discussion. The committee cleared over 65 proposals jointly price greater than Rs 1,000 crore on Friday.
Standing committee the place Shiv Sena is in majority is attempting arduous to clear pending proposals ahead of election code of conduct kicks in to make electorate satisfied. The committee's meeting scheduled on Saturday to talk about pending proposals over Rs 1,000 crore.

On Tuesday, the panel cleared proposals price greater than Rs 500 crore.

Usually, the committee meets once a week to talk about and clear proposals publish by the management. But this week, it's 3rd meeting shall be held on Saturday. Officials said that corporators are pushing arduous to get maximum of its pending proposals clear ahead of the announcement of ballot dates are announced.

Standing committee participants said there wasn't much discussion on any of proposal and it helped clear maximum proposals in an hour.

Congress corporator and opposition leader in the BMC, Ravi Raja, said, "They are in a hurry to clear all pending proposals. But the point is why did they wait for the last moment to bring up these proposals. They could have planned it in advance so that we would have time to discuss these proposals before taking a decision."

In Govandi, BMC wants to build a 580- bed hospital for the ones in the locality. For the next finances, BMC is making maximum provision for the well being department which will see development and redevelopment of various civic hospitals.

For footpath and street restore of Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, the standing committee authorized an offer price Rs 82 crore.

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