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Assam: Conspiracy afoot to remove me from AGP, says Prafulla Mahanta

GUWAHATI: Continuing his tirade towards the revival of BJP-AGP alliance, former leader minister and AGP founder-president, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, on Thursday claimed that a "deep conspiracy" is being hatched to take away him from the party. He additionally mentioned that the verdict to form the alliance was taken by means of 4 to 5 leaders of AGP and not by means of the party's common council.

"I am compelled to say that a conspiracy is being hatched for keeping me away from the party so that the present leadership can run the party according to their whims. AGP is a party that believes in regionalism and I do not want the party to make any compromise just for gaining power," Mahanta mentioned. He added that despite being one of the members of AGP's nine-member committee for deciding on alliance and election technique, he was not invited to the panel meeting.

Mahanta further mentioned that AGP's choice to best friend with BJP was undemocratic as a result of such a choice was not taken in party forum, and not even by means of the general area of the party. He added that a section of BJP members labored towards him in his meeting seat of Barhampur as a result of he additionally had hostile the AGP-BJP alliance ahead of the 2016 meeting polls.

The former leader minister mentioned that rumours are always floated before every election that he can be introduced the governor's submit. "I have no desire for the governor's post. But such baseless stories about me are being floated before elections. This is a political conspiracy against me," he mentioned.

Mahanta further mentioned that to protest towards the AGP-BJP alliance, he would not marketing campaign for any individual. "I want AGP to contest the Lok Sabha polls, but not in alliance with parties like BJP. AGP should have contested the polls on its own. Then it could have been in a strong position ahead of the 2021 assembly polls. I appeal to all the members to save AGP by not supporting the decision(of forming an alliance which was taken by a handful of leaders," Mahanta mentioned.

The former leader minister pointed out that AGP had snapped ties with the BJP in protest towards the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which he mentioned is towards Assam's pastime and the Assam Accord. "But now joining hands with the BJP, which wants to bring back the bill, is a big disrespect to the sacrifices made by the martyrs during the Assam Agitation. The decision has hurt the sentiment of Assamese people," Mahanta mentioned.

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