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AAP jibe over Vijay Goel's 'MCD chor' clip

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday took a jibe at BJP with a video of Union minister Vijay Goel stating "MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) chor hai (MCD is a thief)." AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj shared the video on Twitter, which was aired by a news channel, in which Goel is heard making the commentary.

Goel had made the remarks in all the way through a gathering in a public park.

"Vijay Goel sir, are you calling the officers of MCD chor or you are using the term for the BJP leaders who run the MCD? For public convenience, make it clear..!" deputy CM Manish Sisodia tweeted.

Bharadwaj mentioned on Twitter: "If I said this (MCD is chor), the Sanghis would have taken offence. Now a big Sanghi has himself said it."

Vijay Goel later mentioned the BJP-ruled companies had taken more than one steps to check corruption and had eradicated it to a big extent. "But rampant corruption is present in the AAP government, over which the AAP government is silent," he mentioned.

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