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55-yr-old held for sexually assaulting 4-yr-old

NEW DELHI: A 55-year-old man was once arrested for sexually assaulting a four-year-old kid who would consult with his area for her tuition categories in west Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh.
The accused, whose daughter gave tuitions to the kid, allegedly touched her inappropriately after forcing her to sit on his lap. The kid’s folks came to understand about the incident after the kid was once pressured to take a bath, and despatched again house by way of the schooling instructor.

According to the police, the incident was once reported on Friday night when the kid’s folks approached the Punjabi Bagh police station to record a complaint. The minor was once taken to a physician near her area who confirmed sexual assault.

The kid’s mother instructed the police that she had returned house from her tuition categories and complained of uneasiness. When they inquired, the kid pointed at her stomach. After being counselled additional, she narrated her ordeal to her mother.

In her observation to the police officers, the kid said the accused man used to take her to a bathroom after the other kids had left the schooling categories, and touched her inappropriately. On Friday, when she began crying, the schooling instructor and her mother allegedly took her to the bathroom and forced her to have a tub. They then wrapped her in a towel and dropped her again house.

When her folks questioned the schooling instructor, she said the kid had tripped in the bathroom because of which she had soaked her clothes and harm herself.

Family individuals said the kid had been undergoing this ordeal for the previous 15-20 days. Cops are also questioning the accused’s 20-year-old daughter and his spouse regarding the incident.

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