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288 vendors issued ID cards

Ludhiana: The MC on Friday issued id cards to as many as 288 side road distributors. With these cards, the distributors will be able to avail area for operating their businesses in registered merchandising zones.

The officers have already started the method to inform 45 websites in the entire 4 zones. The MC has to rehabilitate around 21,000 side road distributors within the city.

Mayor Balkar Sandhu and MC commissioner KP Brar passed over the ID cards to the distributors. Once the merchandising zones can be established, distributors gets another ID card which a built-in chip.

The mayor stated, “It will take a while to ascertain the merchandising zones but now we have started the method of issuing ID cards to side road distributors. We gets the merchandising zones notified in a while in order that process could be completed.”

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