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18th century memorial found in Palani foothills

MADURAI: An 18th-century memorial used to be found out just lately through a gaggle of archaeologists within the foothills of Palani hills.

Archaeologist V Narayanamoorthy stated that his workforce, comprising professor Asokan and sthapathi Karthi had long gone to Kannakkanpatti close to Palani on data that an historic structure used to be present in a dilapidated situation there. On examining where, the workforce discovered that it used to be a structure like memorials constructed for chieftains right through the Naicker technology. It is known as a ‘maalai koil’ in Tamil.

It has a smaller elevated roof portion called ‘Vimanam’ and constructed with burnt bricks, measuring 22x 12 x three cm, which is some other feature of Naicker duration structures. The bricks had been cemented using slake lime and the front portion is buried underground. The sculpture in this structure which is buried as statues of a person and 4 ladies, with their palms folded as if in prayer, could also be a feature of 18th century iconography. The dome is rounded on best and has a four-sided structure below.

The tower or ‘vimanam’ is a four-sided structure like that observed in Mamallapuram temples. Since there have been no stone inscriptions no main points may well be amassed as to whom it used to be constructed for. Some families from Udumalpet are stated to be visiting this temple and making choices yearly, he stated.

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