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180 people fly to Bengaluru from Kanpur

Kanpur: There is a superb news for flyers as the direct Kanpur-Bengaluru air provider commenced its operation on Friday. More than 180 passengers arrived on the Chakeri airport in the city from the Karnataka capital in the inaugural flight.

Till now, passengers travelling to Bengaluru had to board the flight from the Amausi airport in Lucknow. Low-cost service SpiceJet will function on all days expect Tuesdays. The SpiceJet aircraft working between Kanpur and Bengaluru is a 189-seater plane. The business city is now connected with four primary cities in the country, together with Delhi and Mumbai. The first flight from the Chakeri airport was for Delhi. Both the flight operator and airport government will now be monitoring the passenger load on the Kanpur-Bengaluru path to ensure that it operates regularly.

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