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'Will retire from politics if it is proved that audio clip is fake': Kumaraswamy on Yeddyurappa's 'concocted story' claim

BENGALURU: Karnataka leader minister H D Kumaraswamy on Saturday said he would retire from politics whether it is proved that the audio clip released via him on BJP state unit president B S Yeddyurappa's alleged toppling game was once pretend.

Kumaraswamy reiterated his rate that Yeddyurappa had tried to trap a JD(S) MLA with bribe and other offers and rejected state BJP strongman's claim that the audio clip was once 'pretend' and a 'concocted story.'

Facing turmoil in the ruling coalition that has solid a shadow over the stability of his govt, Kumaraswamy had on Friday released the audio clip during which Yeddyurappa is purportedly looking to trap JD(S) MLA Naganagouda via his son.

"I am stating from this place ... if it is proved that it was not Yeddyurappa who had spoken and that it is mimicry or parody by Kumaraswamy, then it is not about his retiring, I will retire," the manager minister said at Dharmastala, a holy position in Dakshina Kannada district.

Kumaraswamy also said that those who "played games" with the presiding deity of Dharmastala, Lord Manjunatha, would incur his wrath.

"Invoking the name of Lord Manjunatha Swamy, he could not get protection ... he (Yeddyurappa) had to resign within one month (as chief minister)," the manager minister said.

Kumaraswamy was once it seems that relating to a "truth test" face off between him and Yeddyurappa in 2011, when the latter was once the manager minister.

Yeddyurappa had challenged Kumaraswamy to end up the allegations of corruption and nepotism in opposition to him via taking the reality test before Lord Manjunatha and that he would also do the similar.

He later retracted and just offered prayers.

Kumaraswamy, who visited the shrine later, pledged before the deity that "he stood by the charges made by him against the then chief minister in the last six to seven months."

According to the custom adopted at the temple, aggrieved parties stand before the deity and take a pledge at the problems they have been contesting, after payment of Rs 11 as price.

As according to the custom, the temple government handiest facilitate the workout, however do not interfere.

The political struggle over charges of horse buying and selling had escalated on Friday with Kumaraswamy releasing the audio clip hours before presenting the Congress-JD(S) coalition govt's budget for 2019-2020 in the assembly.

Yeddyurappa, who's at the vortex of the row over his alleged bid to poach the ruling coalition MLAs for the past few weeks, had disregarded the clip as "fake" and a "concocted story".

Kumaraswamy had said that during the purported conversation, Yeddyurappa had also spoken a few "Rs 50 crore offer to book" the assembly speaker.

In the clip, a male voice is heard offering cash and ministerial berth, but even so assuring Naganagouda's son Sharan Gouda about "taking care" of the speaker and the judges in case of the anti-defection legislation being invoked.

Yeddyurappa had disregarded the claim via the manager minister that he had spoken in the audio a few "Rs 50 crore" be offering to the assembly speaker.

"I will retire from politics if it (the allegation) is proved. If I had spoken like this (about the speaker), if it is proved, I will resign as an MLA and quit politics," he had said.

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