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Why Beijing is giving Pakistan the cold shoulder now

BEIJING: The Chinese foreign ministry had no words of sympathy or worry for Pakistan after the air strikes. This is a major reason for sadness for Pakistan though it's unlikely to show it.

China responds to a show of power with appreciate, two western diplomats stated. The pragmatic Chinese also are able to changing their stance if it serves their objective, they added. Beijing is now expected to tell Islamabad not to expect any toughen in its struggle with India, and that its backing can be limited to areas like economic construction, probably the most diplomats stated.

China is all for Indian participation in the second Belt and Road Forum in April at a time when the bold mission has been hit by rejections in some nations. India was once the one primary nation to boycott the primary assembly of the forum last yr even if 130 nations, including the US, despatched their representatives.

Indian presence can give respectability to the programme, which has best the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a exhibit mission. A bit of the Belt and Road passes through POK, which is an important explanation why India refused to wait the forum in 2018.

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