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Voluntary departure for 15 students in US

HYDERABAD: Fifteen Indian students, together with eight from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, got a breather till February 26 to depart the United States. They were a number of the 145 students who were detained in connection with the University of Farmington racket. An area court docket in Michigan granted the ‘voluntary departure’ option for the 15 students, while one scholar was once issued a elimination order. Another scholar had carried out for a bail as he's married to a US citizen.

According to Venkat Manthena, member, board of trustees of American Telugu Association (ATA), 20 students were locked up in two detention centres in Michigan on charges of visa fraud. Of them, three had already left the USA, together with one from Palestine. Of the rest 17, fifteen students who opted for voluntary departure would fly out in a couple of days.

Manthena mentioned all the students who have been granted voluntary departure would guide their tickets and leave at the earliest.

The merit in getting a voluntary departure granted by means of a court docket is that the scholars who return to India can try for a re-entry into the USA. This is basically as a result of no criminal fee has been pressed towards them for taking admission in the pretend college.

The college was once created by means of the USA Department of Homeland Security in what was once defined as an try to bust a visa fraud. Eight Indian students were arrested as they were described as ‘recruiters’ and who monetarily benefited for getting students to sign up for the college. Cases towards them are pending in the court docket.

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