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Unsafe stretch: Residents fear for their lives

Ludhiana: The Issewal gang-rape incident has again introduced focus on the unsafe South City road that leads to the village the place the crime passed off. In the previous too, several crime incidents have been reported at the stretch.
On December 26, 2018, two men — Sahil Bhardwaj of Puneet Nagar and Shahrukh Saifi of Gopal Nagar — had looted an Ola cab from a driver after injuring him in South City area. The accused have been later arrested by means of Ludhiana Police within 36 hours.

Meanwhile, citizens of the world say in spite of such big crimes going down in the area, police presence in the posh area is negligible.

“This incident is very horrifying. Residents in South City area fear for their safety and security. About a year in the past, we had raised the problem with police and they had deployed some cops. But later they had disappeared. Now, we hardly see any cop patrolling the world,” women industrialist Mridula Jain, who could also be chairman of Lets Clean Ludhiana Foundation.

“For the sake of our daughters, we would like Punjab police to make adequate safety preparations from South City to Issewal road as it is secluded area and comes to safety possibility for even married couples,” she added. About 3,000 families reside in the area and they would like better safety, she said.

Another resident said it is top time that senior law enforcement officials take the protection in the area severely so that the world doesn’t witness some other such heinous incident.

“The stretch between South City and Issewal is actually a haven for anti-social parts as a result of minimal police presence. So ahead of different big incident happens in the area, law enforcement officials must straight away deal with the problem and deploy patrolling events and extra cops in the area so that other people feel safe. As of now we're nervous for our safety,” said Varun Duggal, a banker from South City.

Admitting security-related factor in the area, SSP (Ludhiana rural) Varinder Singh Brar said it’s because the area is on the border of Ludhiana rural police and Ludhiana police jurisdiction. He said they have a patrolling car which does patrol the world, however they don’t have a hard and fast level in the area.

Cops from Ludhiana police checked cars at a checkpost near South City bridge. Police officials said many incidents of harassment of couples, who come there to spend some time, go unreported.

SUV looted

On May nine, 2016: Four car-borne men had looted an SUV from the son of a material trader at gunpoint in posh South City area and the accused had later sped away in opposition to Issewal

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