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Truck driver, cleaner robbed of Rs 16,000 cash

Rajkot: A truck driving force and his cleaner had been thrashed badly and robbed of Rs 16,000 cash by means of three unidentified robbers close to Ronki village on Morbi Bypass Road close to Rajkot on Wednesday night.

According to the criticism lodged by means of the sufferers, identified as Mahesh Bambhania (24), the truck driving force and Vijay Parmar, the cleaner, while they had been passing by means of a highway lodge close to Ronki village, their truck were given punctured.

When Bambhania and Parmar got down to change the wheel, three unidentified robbers who had coated their faces arrived at the spot. One of the robbers grabbed Parmar, while the other hit Bambhania with a stick.

“The robbers who had been speaking in Hindi robbed Bambhania of Rs 16,000 cash. They also looted the sufferers’ cell phones, but returned them after the sufferers pleaded with them,” said an respectable from Gandhigram police station.

“After committing the crime, when the robbers vanished into the cover of darkness, Bambhania and Parmar came across a truck whose driving force, who identified himself as Devendrasinh Jadeja, claimed that he too was robbed of Rs five,000 by means of the similar robbers,” said the respectable, adding that the police have registered the case and began searching for suspects.

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