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TNCC urges EC to hold bypolls in 21 seats

CHENNAI: TNCC president Ok S Alagiri on Monday urged the Election Commission not to succumb to any kind of pressure from the BJP to delay bypolls to 21 vacant meeting seats in Tamil Nadu.
“The bypolls to the 21 vacant meeting seats in Tamil Nadu will have to be held at the side of the Lok Sabha polls. If for some reason, the EC decides to delay the meeting bypolls, then we will be able to be pressured to release massive protests at the side of our allied events in the state,” Alagiri mentioned here.

In a hard-hitting commentary, Alagiri mentioned the BJP was an increasing number of facing opposition in the state and facing the stark chance of no longer even successful a single Lok Sabha seat in the forthcoming elections.

“Hence, the BJP is forcing AIADMK for an alliance. The AIADMK is facing opposition from inside over this alliance, with birthday celebration’s district secretaries opposing the transfer saying that such an alliance will result in electoral crisis,” Alagiri mentioned.

However, the latter fears that the BJP would set upon the central investigative companies on the ruling birthday celebration in Tamil Nadu. “Hence, on its phase, it has asked BJP to get the EC to delay maintaining of bypolls on some pretext or the other, because it fears defeat, resulting in dropping its government too,” he mentioned.

He mentioned the EC is an independent body and has always been above board in its decision. “However, off late, even this independent body has been seemingly acting on behalf of the BJP. If it does so once more and postpones the bypolls, we will be able to be pressured to release massive protests around the state,” Alagiri mentioned.

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