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This Naga seer’s winged pet is messenger of peace

Allahabad: The nip within the air however, 24-year-old Naga seer, Raj Puri, from Bhilwara in Rajasthan strikes round dressed in over 51 kg Rudraksha rosaries round his body and on his head on the Mela flooring. As he struts on the dusty lanes of the Kumbh-2019 venue, he mutters soft phrases to his puppy, a white pigeon sitting atop his head.
Hari Puri or or Kabootarwale Baba as he is fondly referred to and his puppy, named Hari Puri through the Naga saint, are a big draw on the ongoing Kumbh mela. Both seem unruffled with what’s taking place round on the busy Mela flooring. In reality, Hari accompanied Raj when the seer took a dip in Sangam all through the third and closing shahi snan of Kumbh-2019. Hari fluttered and hovered on the Naga seer’s shoulders whilst he took a holy dip.

A seer related to Juna Akhara, Raj stated, “I have been tending to pigeons since I was six. What attracts me most about those birds is that they are the real messengers of peace.”

The seer stated that those birds were accompanying him ever since he gave up the materialistic life and joined Juna Akhara.

Hari is one of the many puppy pigeons, round 50 tells Raj, at his ashram in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. He considers pigeons as an incarnation of Lord Shiva and all the time prefers to transport along with his puppy pigeon (Hari Puri) anyplace his akhara goes.

“These pigeons could be with me till my death,” he added.

Raj’s puppy pigeon is nestled between the strings of a 51-kg rudraksh necklace, coiled on his head.

“These pigeons categorical their love and affection to saints. Hari all the time accompanies me whilst shifting from one state to other and even in caves,” the Naga seer stated.

He additionally stated that Hari was keen on cashew nuts, almonds, barley, wheat and biscuits.

“Every person will have to serve a jeev (residing being) to seek salvation,” he added.

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