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Taking wrong turns is norm on Salt Lake roads

KOLKATA: Tuesday morning's accident involving a minister's automotive and an autorickshaw brought to fore one of the most major problems plaguing Salt Lake, where cars popping out of block lanes or roundabouts often trip against traffic for far to take the closest cut within the median divider to pressure alongside the other flank.

On Tuesday, an auto carrying three Madhyamik scholars, while taking one such cut in BC Block, crashed right into a minister's automotive. Thankfully, none of the scholars received any major injury and may just reach the exam corridor in time after the minister organized a separate auto for them.


Cops should recall to mind ways of plugging those gaps. But, in the end, motorists want to be extra accountable.

On Wednesday, NewsTread found a number of cars, automobiles and motorbikes violating the traffic laws blatantly by means of travelling against traffic to take a quick access or go out out of the lanes to and from their properties in Salt Lake.

At BC Block, where Tuesday's accident had taken position, a number of cars have been found violating the traffic norm by means of coming from inside the blocks and travelling alongside the improper flank and then take the other lane just to steer clear of taking a U-turn from the closest round about round 150 metres away.

"We know we are violating the traffic. But it's easier to take the cut," stated a resident of BC Block after taking the cut.

Similar violations have been noticed at a number of different blocks like BD, DF, DD and CE. At DD Block, autorickhaws have been found plying against traffic from a roundabout just to reach the LPG pump close to City Centre a bit earlier than others.

Cops stated they have been acutely aware of the issue and steadily undertake drives to penalize offenders who illegally take such cuts or trip against traffic. Cops stated automobiles and bikes have been some of the largest offenders, however automotive owners too are liable for an impressive choice of such violations.

"To prevent the violations, we have started putting up guardrails along several such cuts to prevent people from using them. We are running a survey across Salt Lake and New Town to find out the vulnerable cuts that need to be plugged even if locals have to drive a bit more for a U-turn. We keep booking people for such offences but the motorists, too, should be aware of their responsibilities," stated a senior officer of Bidhannagar Commissionerate.

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