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Students’ group at JNU to clean caves of litter

NEW DELHI: A group of JNU scholars have determined to start out a ‘Clean the Caves’ marketing campaign on the campus. The scholars said that round 15 caves within the forest area are littered through those that cross there for picnic and go away the rubbish in the back of.
“The marketing campaign is an initiative through a group of scholars who are involved concerning the environment and need to keep the natural attractiveness on the JNU campus,” said Mukesh Kumar a member of the ‘Good Samaritans of JNU’, a non-political crew of scholars who are concerned about cleaning process on the campus.

Kumar said that while there are these days over 70 scholars who are part of the initiative, more scholars are joining the gang. The crew individuals said that they started operating right through the final JNU Student Union elections.

“On the balloting day we picked up all the campaigning papers that were scattered round our campus. It was an initiative through only a few people but we were joined through a variety of scholars who saw us sweeping the floor with our palms and picking each paper from the floors. The amassed papers got to an NGO, which recycled and reused them,” Kumar said.

“After cleaning the caves, we plan to cover different spaces of the campus and start any other marketing campaign to make JNU plastic-free,” Kumar added.

The marketing campaign is more likely to take place on February 16 and scholars gets their very own apparatus to scrub the area.

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